What Are Sipping Stones?

Sipping Stones: The Afficionado's Drink Chiller

Sipping Stones is the aficionado's choice for chilling a drink. Eliminating a common problem, Sipping Stones cools your drink perfectly without the dilution from melting ice. Each set contains nine finely crafted cubes made from one hundred percent pure soapstone.

A sophisticated alternative to ice, Sipping Stones will chill your beverage without suppressing the flavor. Sipping Stones will elegantly complement any piece of barware, whether high ball, tumbler, or snifter. This set is a great gift for anyone who loves perfectly chilled beverages, smoothly flavored spirits, or just as a conversation starter at your next party.

Why Sipping Stones?

When enjoying a premium spirit, why tarnish the taste with water? Providing a slight chill protects the taste without drowning the quality. Sipping Stones are made of all natural soapstone, which is non-porous and won't impart any taste or flavor. Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA soapstone is comprised of talc, which will not react to water, alcohol, or other drinks. When used with care, Sipping Stones will not scratch your glassware.

Drink the WhiskeyHold the Water

Drink the whiskey, but hold the water with Sipping Stones from SCS Direct, Inc.